The Importance of Giving Your Sales Force the Tools They Need

Data from The American Marketing Association showed that a whopping 90% of the content created by Marketing for Sales is never used.

Another survey by Knowledge Tree revealed that:

  • 50% of sales people are not satisfied with what marketing is delivering
  • Over 30% don’t think marketing delivers the tools to support a successful sales process
  • 45% + find it difficult to locate the marketing content they need

So giving them some new and improved tools – that they actually want – is a reasonable place to start.

Naturally these will differ by sector and industry, but may include credentials, case studies, videos, presentations, cheat sheets, relevant data, testimonials, or maybe even customer incentives to help them close a deal.

You also need to make sure they know how to use them, because there’s a disconnect between what marketers think – 61% believe their sales tools are being used in the right way, to what sales think – only 28% of sales people have the same confidence.

You can only do this by spending some quality time together and showing them what best fits the particular scenarios with which they’re likely to be faced.

 And when you have? That’s where apps like SSA can help.

By putting all the information they need at their fingertip, there’s no wasted print and production, and you can even invite immediate feedback  on how well that latest product explainer / video / manual is working out for them.

Just think how much time and money you could save.