SSA: Making the Earth Move for Disaffected Sales Staff

Non-desked or remote sales staff can be a sad, disaffected bunch.

The relationships between them and the sales / marketing / operations departments for whom they work are often like a marriage in crisis – they think you don’t care, that you don’t understand them, that you’re not making the effort to make the relationship a success.

They are constantly on the verge of leaving – or worse, staying just to spite you and to make your life a misery!

But we thought there must be another way. A way for Brand Marketers, Sales Directors, Store Operations and Retail Comms people to be able to make these long-distance relationships work.

Here at Blue Chip we’re all about moving people to positive action. We firmly believe that by developing meaningful bonds with your sales staff you can give them the satisfaction they secretly crave – and in doing so you can make the Earth, and your sales, really move.

That’s what led us to develop Sales Staff App – a mutually beneficial bit of tech to keep the lines of communication open and enable you to show them some love – for when you can’t get to see them face to face.

Over the coming months we’ll be sharing more of our thoughts on how you can use Sales Staff App, along with a host of other tips and tools, to create the perfect partnership between you and them.

We hope to see you again soon.